The Mystery of History Volume II

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A World History Curriculum for All Ages

The Mystery of History, Volume I (Second Edition), spans “Creation to the Resurrection” (c. 4004 b.c.–c. a.d. 33) and provides a historically accurate, Bible-based approach to learning ancient world history. By incorporating hands-on activities along with reading, writing, and research projects, The Mystery of History offers something for all learning styles and supports all methods of education.

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The Mystery of History Volume II

“The Early Church and the Middle Ages”
by Linda Lacour Hobar

The Mystery of History Volume II picks up where Volume I leaves off with exciting stories of the Early Church and the complex history of Medieval times. Spanning AD 30-1460, this volume includes Vikings and villains, castles and crusades, samurai and shoguns, Dante and Chaucer, and much more. “Chronological, and Complete” – this book can be used by all ages. In addition to 84 engaging lessons, this paperback includes Pretests; Hands-on/Research Activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students; Memory Card ideas; bi-weekly quizzes and exercises; timeline helps; maps; supplemental book lists; and more. 704 pages. (Though it is recommended that Volume II be studied after the completion of Volume I, it is not necessary. This volume can serve as a stand-alone study of the Middle Ages.)

704 pages

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