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The Mystery of History

A Chronological, Christian, Complete
World History Curriculum for All Ages

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The Mystery of History

A Chronological, Christian, Complete
World History Curriculum for All Ages

 What is The Mystery of History?


An intro to The Mystery of History

by Linda Lacour Hobar

A Chronological, Complete, Christian World History Curriculum for All Ages. Four Volumes Spanning from Creation to Modern Times.


The Mystery of History curriculum follows history in the order that it happened all over the world.


The Mystery of History curriculum is written from a Christian world view and uniquely weaves world cultures and stories of the past alongside the events of the Bible.


The Mystery of History curriculum contains pretests to spark interest, lively lessons, hands-on/research based activities, timeline instructions, mapping work, memory cards, quizzes and semester tests.

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Chronological, Complete, Christian World History Curriculum

Volume I - Creation to the Resurrection

Christian World History Curriculum | The Mystery of History Volume I Creation to the Resurrection(Creation – c. A.D. 33) This volume covers world history from Creation to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The text spans the incredible stories of ancient times, ancient lands, and ancient peoples.

Volume II - The Early Church and the Middle Ages

Christian World History Curriculum | The Mystery of History Volume II The Early Church and the Middle Ages(A.D. 30 – 1456) Volume II expands on the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages that followed.  Delve into the chivalry of knights and damsels, kings and queens, and the peasants who faithfully served them.  Students visit Vikings and villains; castles and crusades; and the poetry of Dante and Chaucer.

Volume III - The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations

Christian World History Curriculum |The Mystery of History Volume III The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations(1455 – 1707) Volume III will look at what was going on all over the world in the order that it happened. While the Renaissance and Reformation were taking shape in Europe, students will look at the rise of wealthy empires in West Africa; the Mogul dynasty of India; and the peaceful lives of the Aboriginals of Australia.  We will also visit Ivan the Terrible in Russia and the Tokugawa family in Japan.


Volume IV - Wars of Independence to Modern Times

Christian World History Curriculum | The Mystery of History Volume VI Wars of Independence and Modern Times (1708 – 2014) Volume IV, the last and final volume of this world history series, spans three pressure-filled centuries from 1708 to 2014. Starting with Bach and Handel, two of four major composers included in Volume IV, the time period will see numerous “wars of independence.” From the American colonies, the heart of Mexico, the gold mines of Australia, the mountaintops of South America, the shores of Greece, and the walls of the Alamo, we will find mankind desperately striving for liberty and freedom through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


What does 'Week at a Glance' look like?

Find out what a week of The Mystery of History curriculum looks like through watching a video and downloading a sample.

How do you 'Teach All Ages'?

Teaching with The Mystery of History Curriculum

Warm, inspiring, and personable, The Mystery of History is a Christian world history curriculum for all ages with some guidance and tweaking. How? That’s what this section hopes to explain. Click the button below for ideas on how to teach Younger, Middle, and Older Students with one text!

What are others saying about The Mystery of History?

When I was looking for a World History program I wanted something that was Bible-centered, multi-level, with hands-on activity AND would cover what was going on in History in other parts of the world through a ‘Bible time-line’.  WHAT A JOY when I found The Mystery of History.  It was an answer to prayer. . . when we actually started using it just about DAILY my son would say,’Thank you so much for buying The Mystery of History, Mom, I Love doing The Mystery of History’.” Jennifer Evalle

Homeschool Mom in Texas

You have thought through this text, provided multilevel activities, and, I feel, you have poured yourself into each lesson. Thank you for bearing witness to His story. Susan Coleman

Homeschool Mom

I appreciate the worshipful attitude that Linda displays in her telling of history…Her excitement for His works is contagious…. my daughter, who is admittedly an advanced reader, was known to read The Mystery of History for leisure when she was only 4 years old. Vicki Boshka

Homeschool Mom

Your The Mystery of History books are really big and thick, and I like that A LOT! I really like what you write in them. My favorite quiz is the Millionaire Multiple Choice game. I wish all of the quizzes were Millionaire Multiple Choice. Savannah

Student Age 9

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